The Delegate for Federal IT Steering

Peter Fischer has directed the Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU), once Federal Strategy Unit for IT, since 1 May 2007.

Portrait Peter Fischer

Peter Fischer completed his studies in law at the University of Geneva in 1984 with a lic.iur., and passed the advocate examination at the Court of Appeal in Bern in 1986.

He then served for five years as the personal assistant of the General Secretary of what was then the Federal Department of Transport and Energy.

In 1992, he began work as Vice Director in the Federal Office of Communications.
In 1994, he was assigned the function of Deputy Director and Head of the Telecom Services Division. He developed the concept for liberalisation of the telecom market in Switzerland, accompanied the political process, and implemented the opening of the market on the part of the authorities. He is also responsible for the Strategy of the Federal Council for an Information Society in Switzerland, in the framework of which the eGovernment Strategy was developed.

In addition to his professional activities, he has served as a lecturer at the University of Fribourg from 1999 till 2007.

On 24 January 2007, the Federal Council appointed Peter Fischer as the Delegate for the Federal IT Strategy and on 16 December 2011 as the Delegate for the Federal IT Steering.

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