Federal IT organisation

The Ordinance governs the tasks and responsibilities relating to the steering and management of the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in the Federal Administration.

Steering and management at federal level

Federal IT organisation

Federal Council

The Federal Council shall determine and monitor the implementation of the Federal ICT Strategy.

General Secretaries Conference GSC

The General Secretaries Conference shall evaluate ICT business at federal level from an operational business perspective (ICT interests of the business processes). It shall in particular contribute to the preparation of Federal Council business relevant to business policy involving ICT.

Federal Department of Finance FDF

The FDF shall develop the Federal ICT Strategy. It shall, within the scope of its tasks, issue administrative ordinances.

Federal IT Steering Unit FITSU

The former Federal Strategy Unit for IT (FSUIT) has taken on new tasks since the start of 2012, and has also been renamed the Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU).
It implements the Federal ICT Strategy. It shall prepare the ICT business of the Federal Council and shall execute the Federal Council mandates.

Consultative bodies / Bodies for the FITSU

  • Federal IT Council
  • IT Security Committee
  • Bodies for the FITSU

Steering Committee for Support Processes

  • Steering Committee for Support Processes

Other bodies

  • IT Providers' Conference (IPC)

Steering and management at department level

The departments and the Federal Chancellery shall, within the framework of the applicable specifications, govern the steering and management of ICT in their respective domains. They are responsible for compliance with the ICT specifications and the decisions of the Federal Council, the FDF, the FITSU and the departments or the Federal Chancellery within their scope of responsibility.

IT audit

The IT audit is carried out in accordance with the principles of financial supervision in the Confederation. It is the responsibility of the Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO).

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