Federal IT Steering Unit FITSU

The tasks and responsibilities of the Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU) are set down in the revised Federal Information Technology Ordinance (FITO).

The FITSU shall in particular carry out the following tasks:

  • It shall prepare the ICT business of the Federal Council and shall execute the Federal Council mandates.

  • It shall take up requirements of the departments and the Federal Chancellery and shall, for the attention of the Federal Council, propose corresponding standard services to the FDF, including the market model and the definition of roles for service procurement. It shall in this regard provide evidence of economic utility.

  • It shall manage the ICT standard services. This includes requirements management, project planning, exercise of the responsibilities of the requiring office or - in the case of internal service procurement - acquisition, release planning, specification of the rules governing superordinate financing and control of the quality of service provision, and contract management.

  • It shall, within the framework of the ICT strategy determined by the Federal Council, define the ICT specifications at federal level. For this purpose, it shall survey the requirements of the departments and the Federal Chancellery.

  • It shall be responsible for the financial management of ICT at federal level and for the instruments supporting the steering and management of ICT, especially ICT controlling and ICT portfolio management..

  • It shall decide on deviations from the specifications it issues.

  • It shall decide on requests by the departments, the Federal Chancellery and the administrative units for special rules relating to the granting of security-relevant rights and mandates, especially in connection with firewalls, access rights and privileges. In the event of threats to the Federal Administration, it shall decide on specific ICT security measures.

  • On behalf of a department or the Federal Chancellery, it shall serve as an expert body investigating suspected or actual security incidents.

  • It shall provide the Federal IT Security Officer.

  • It shall manage the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI) in cooperation with the Federal Intelligence Service.

  • It shall direct ICT programmes.

  • It shall manage the eGovernment Switzerland Programme Office.

  • It shall manage the Service for IT in Public Procurement.

It shall work together with the cantons, the relevant organisations, the private sector and foreign partners, and shall represent the Confederation in corresponding organisations.

It shall appoint bodies within the scope of its tasks. The departments and the Federal Chancellery shall appoint their representatives who meet the requirements and contribute the requisite expertise.

The FITSU may delegate decisions of subordinate importance, especially concerning deviations from its ICT specifications, requirements for the operation of ICT or the handling of projects and programmes to the departments or the Federal Chancellery and programme or project organisations.