Enterprise architecture development in the Federal Administration is carried out according to a federated approach by the FITSU, the departments, the federal offices and service providers.  

Architektur Planungsfelder

Departments and federal offices

The departments and administrative units develop the enterprise architecture in a decentralised manner for their core task areas.

Federal offices with cross-divisional tasks

Federal offices with cross-divisional tasks, e.g. the Federal Finance Administration (FFA) or the Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo), define and coordinate the enterprise architecture for the cross-divisional aspects in their area of responsibility.


The FITSU assumes the role of enterprise architect at the federal level and provides the necessary methods, processes and tools to envision and develop the federal architecture.

Federal Architecture Board

The Federal Architecture Board is the expert committee at which the service providers and service consumers of architecture-related businesses come together to discuss issues and take decisions on architectural requirements.