In the Federal Administration, the term «GEVER» is an acronym for electronic records and process management.

GEVER coordination

With the introduction of electronic records and process management (GEVER) in the Federal Administration, all business-related information that the administrative units create or receive as part of their statutory mandate is managed electronically. GEVER facilitates business activity and supports the complete lifecycle of documents, from the time they are created through to their use, storage, classification, archiving or destruction. GEVER also forms the basis for continuous and automated inter-organisational and cross-system business processes.

The Federal Chancellery is responsible for overall GEVER coordination in the Federal Administration:

GEVER solutions in the Federal Administration

The Federal Chancellery, which was tasked with GEVER procurement by the Federal Council, carried out a WTO tender in September 2014 and awarded the contract to two tenderers in May 2015. In mid-2015, the Federal Chancellery checked with the departments which of the two products they wished to use in the future. All of the departments and the Federal Chancellery selected the same product. Based on this product choice, the dispatch for the corresponding guarantee credit for the realisation/introduction phase of the federal GEVER programme was adopted by the Federal Council for the attention of Parliament on 11 September 2015.

The introduction of the new GEVER product is due to be completed by 2018 according to the project schedule.

GEVER as an ICT standard service

At the same time as preparing the new GEVER solution, the FITSU is revising the ICT directives on GEVER. Given that GEVER is an IT service that the administrative units of the Federal Administration require with the same or similar functionality and quality and could thus be provided centrally, the FITSU is drawing up a market model for the central management of GEVER (ICT standard service GEVER) as instructed by the Federal Council.

Specifications GEVER

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