ICT Controlling in the Federal Administration

A distinction is made between strategic controlling and operational controlling in federal IT:

Federal strategic ICT controlling

Strategic ICT controlling solely has a steering function. Aside from the strategic level, it focuses in particular on controlling implementation of the Federal ICT Strategy.

Operational ICT controlling at all levels

With IT controlling (ICO) at the operational level, the economic efficiency, goals and resources of ICT solutions are monitored and documented over the entire lifespan. It creates transparency, ensures uniform assessment criteria and gives decision-makers (project committee, portfolio managers, etc.) important information.

A uniform ICO method and tools, particularly the ICT cockpit, are available within the Federal Administration for managing ICO. ICO is carried out at federal, department and office level by an IT Controlling Officer (ITCO).

Federal ICT portfolio

In order to ensure that the information required for steering and managing ICT is available and both uniform and complete, the Federal Council decided that all ICT projects (with the exception of small projects) and all specialist applications (with the exception of small-scale applications) have to be in the federal ICT portfolio and thus in the ICT cockpit.