The «National strategy for Switzerland's protection against cyber risks» will be implemented on a decentralised basis in the departments and offices. To coordinate the implementation of the 16 measures of the strategy, the Federal Council has defined on 15 May 2013 the following origination responsible for the implementation: 

Organisation NCS

NCS steering committee

The Federal Council has instructed a newly created NCS steering committee to coordinate implementation of the measures within the Federal Administration and in cooperation with the cantons and the private sector. The steering committee is also tasked with monitoring the development of cyber risks and submitting recommendations for the further development of the strategy to the Federal Council. The committee is chaired by the FDF and includes representatives of departments with lead responsibility for implementation measures, and the consultation and coordination mechanism of the Swiss Security Network (KKM SVS) for the cantons. The NCS coordination unit will provide the steering committee with support in its work.

NCS Coordination Unit

The NCS coordination unit coordinates implementation of the strategy at an operational and technical level. It is the administrative arm of the steering committee. The coordination unit is part of the Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU). 

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