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E-Government Schweiz 2016

The goal of eGovernment is to make administrative activities as citizen-friendly, efficient, and economic as possible.

eGovernment Strategy Switzerland

In order to make eGovernment a success in Switzerland, a coordinated, collaborated approach between the Confederation, the cantons and municipalities is required. The document «eGovernment Strategy Switzerland» together with the «Framework Agreement on eGovernment Cooperation in Switzerland» approved by the Federal Council and the Conference of the Cantonal Government (CCG) and ratified by all cantonal governments, forms the basis of this collaboration. The strategic plan is the implementation tool for the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland. It sets out the operational objectives pursued to meet the strategic objectives.

FITSU: Programme Office of eGovernment Switzerland

In order to facilitate coordination of eGovernment Switzerland activities between the Confederation, the cantons, as well as the cities and municipalities, a «Programme Office of eGovernment Switzerland» has been in place since 2007 within FITSU. It is financed equally by the Confederation and the cantons.

All relevant information pertaining to eGovernment Switzerland can be found on the Programme Office's website:

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