The Federal Department of Finance (FDF) and the Federal Procurement Conference (FPC) strive to systematically promote eProcurement in the Confederation. This means: The opportunities of electronic aids, especially the Internet, should be utilised to their full extent to transact procurements efficiently and at a low cost. This applies both to internal procurement processes and to transactions occurring between the procurement services and the enterprises and their clients (requesting services).

Objectives of eProcurement

  • Reduction of procurement costs and increase of efficiency in the procurement process
  • Increase of transparency, internally and externally
  • Strengthening of competition
  • Promotion of the client orientation of the procurement services

eProcurement Technical Committee and Service for IT in Public Procurement

The FPC has mandated the Federal eProcurement Technical Committee to ensure exchange of experiences and coordination within the Federal Administration. Under the direction of the Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU) and its Service for IT in Public Procurement, the Technical Committee comments on questions relating to electronic support for procurement and participates in various projects and bodies at the national and international level.

Last modification 15.02.2016

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