Open Government Data (OGD)

Administrations gather and collate data of all kinds, including statistical, geographic, environmental and weather data, which can be processed and put to new use by third parties. Open government data (OGD) are official data that are made available to the public free of charge and in machine-readable form. Users can process this data to reveal new interrelationships, for example by means of visual representations.

The Open Government Data Strategy for Switzerland

The Federal Council approved the OGD Strategy for Switzerland on 16 April 2014. It was developed under the auspices of the Federal IT Steering Unit, defines the OGD activities up until 2018, and is binding on the Confederation. Implementation is being coordinated by the Federal Archives. On the basis of the OGD Strategy, the Confederation aims to work together with the cantons, municipalities and other public-sector organisations.

The Strategy OGD and its implementation:

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