Open Government Data (OGD)

The administrations collect and keep all types of data such as statistical, geographical, environmental and weather data. Open Government Data (OGD) are data that are made available to the public free of charge in computer-readable format. Users may exploit these data to update new correlations by using applications, for instance.

On 30th November 2018, the Federal Council approved the second open government data strategy in Switzerland for the period 2019 to 2023. It regulates OGD activities up to 2023 and is of a binding nature for the Confederation. Implemented by the responsible offices, it is coordinated by the OGD secretariat and based at the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), in close cooperation with the Department of Home Affairs (FDHA). In application of this strategy, the Confederation seeks cooperation in the area of OGD with the cantons, communes and public sector organisations.

Last modification 17.01.2020

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