ICT financial management at federal level

Most of the funds for information and communication technologies (ICT) are allocated on a decentralised basis in the departments and administrative units. This principle remained unchanged with the entry into force of the revised Federal Information Technology Ordinance (FITO) on 1 January 2012. Under the revised FITO, the FITSU manages the ICT resources allocated centrally at federal level.

These are:

  • Central ITC resources
    for ICT projects that cannot be financed by the administrative units themselves.

  • Federal ICT reserve
    for urgent ICT projects that cannot be planned.

  • Investment credit for ICT standard services

The Federal Council decides on the allocation of central ICT resources for important ICT projects in the administrative units or at federal level during the ordinary budget process.

Federal Council directives for financial management in the area of ICT

The Federal Council approved the revised Federal Council directives for centrally allocated ICT resources on 3 June 2016. The new version of the directives further specifies the preconditions for requests for central ICT resources and adjusts the prioritisation criteria. The procedure introduced in July 2012 for submitting applications and for allocation by the Federal Council remains unchanged. The directives also continue to govern the decision-making authority for allocating funds from the federal ICT reserve.

The document is published on the FITSU intranet.

Last modification 23.09.2018

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