ICT key projects

The Federal Council adopted the Federal Council directives for ICT projects in the Federal Administration and for the federal ICT portfolio on 1 July 2015 and brought them into force.

Federal Council designates key ICT projects

A key ICT project is an ICT project or programme that requires stronger overarching management, steering, coordination and control because of its need for resources (financial and personnel), strategic importance, complexity, impact and risks. The Federal Council uses these criteria to decide which projects or programmes are conducted as key ICT projects and are thus subject to the audit process.

List of key ICT projects

Auditing by the SFAO

The Swiss Federal Audit Office (SFAO) regularly and systematically audits key ICT projects. It is responsible for auditing the project status and the risks in terms of target achievement, as well as assessing the implementation of measures ordered to minimise the risks or guarantee target achievement. The SFAO prepares a report for each audit.

Overall responsibility with overarching management

Responsibility for a key ICT project remains fully with the contractor(s) and project management, as well as with the competent overarching management for the key ICT project. The contractor(s) use the SFAO's audit reports to check key ICT projects. The audit reports are also incorporated in the strategic ICT controlling prepared by the Federal IT Steering Unit (FITSU) for the attention of the Federal Council.

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