IT Security in the Federal Administration

The fundamentals of the Federal Administration's IT security policy are drawn up by the FITSU.

Security fundamentals and directives

The Federal IT Ordinance and the Directive on IT Security in the Federal Administration govern the areas of competence and the procedure in implementing security requirements.
Security fundamentals


A key point is the nomination of an IT security official per department (ISOD) and per organisation unit (ISOO). 


The FITSU lends support to the ISOD / ISOO in implementing the fundamentals and provides them with the necessary tools.
Project tools


With MELANI, the Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance, the FITSU also offers useful information, checklists and tutorials to home computer and Internet users.

National and international cooperation

The FITSU uses joint projects and events to foster cooperation with national and international committees. In Switzerland, these include Information Security Society Switzerland (ISSS) and ISACA, as well as the International Security Forum (ISF). A declaration to cooperate has been signed with the BSI in Germany and the A-SIT in Austria. Every two years an international event entitled "Verwaltung integriert sichere Informationstechnologien ViS!T" (Government integrates secure information technologies) will be held alternately in one of the three countries.  

Further information

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