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Virtually all areas of life today are marked by computer science. This makes many activities easier for us, but it also harbours dangers. With your correct behaviour you make an important contribution to the security of data and infrastructure. Astronaut "Cybie" and his Trabant "Digi", the stars of the new awareness campaign for IT security in the Federal Administration, will give you helpful tips.



One of the most popular passwords in Switzerland – and one of the weakest.

No password is 100% secure. Thanks to sophisticated software, hackers can automatically test all possible letter combinations within seconds. However, users can do a lot to make unauthorised access as difficult as possible. Make your passwords complicated; the more complex a password is, the harder it is to crack.

Secure passwords

In order to create a good, secure password, the following tips can be helpful:

  • Long:
    A strong password should be at least 8, preferably 12 or more, characters long.
  • Diverse:
    Do not just use lowercase letters. Make full use of your keyboard and use capital letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Fortuitously:
    Do not use any known words or sequences of numbers that make sense. This means no words as they appear in a dictionary, no names or dates of birth, postcodes, sequences of numbers such as "1234", etc.
  • Unique:
    Use a different password for each login account. In the event of a password being stolen, only one login account will be potentially compromised and the risk of misuse can be eliminated by changing the password immediately.
  • Individual:
    Do not use the predefined initial passwords for devices you have bought or acquired, instead create your own complex passwords. Default passwords are sometimes assigned multiple times and may be known to third parties.

Further Information:
Access and authorisation

How to manage your passwords securely!

Notepads and password lists in Excel are unsuitable for the secure management of personal passwords. But what is the best way to manage your passwords? A password manager is a good and secure way to generate passwords and store them securely. You only need to remember one password to access all your passwords.

Acting correctly:



The ICT Security campaign is aimed at employees of the Federal Administration. Of course, a lot of information and tips also apply to users outside the Federal Administration. 

Last modification 05.09.2019

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