Standard services


The Federal Information Technology Ordinance (FITO) stipulates that the IT services which the administrative units of the Federal Administration require with the same or similar functionality and quality shall be centrally managed as ICT standard services by the FITSU for the use of the entire Federal Administration.

Management of ICT standard services by the FITSU

The Federal Council specifies the standard services, as well as the relevant market model. The FITSU has been tasked with the management of ICT standard services.

For each standard service, the FITSU sets up a single central management function for requirements and service providers at federal level. In consultation with the departments, the required functionalities, sourcing and the model for service procurement and internal billing are defined and submitted to the Federal Council. The principle of standard services allows for more effective steering and management of a substantial interdepartmental sub-segment of IT services by the Federal Council, and ultimately also enables synergies to be exploited and IT costs to be reduced.

Current ICT standard services

The following ICT standard services (SS) are currently managed by the FITSU:

  • SS data communication
  • SS office automation / UCC incl. voice communication
  • SS directory services DIR
  • SS identity and access management

ICT standard services in future

  • SS WEB

Last modification 03.06.2020

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